2021-22 Registration for Seattle Derby Brats is Now Open!

Sep 12, 2021 | News

Our 2021-2022 Season will start on Saturday, September 18th (let the countdown begin!), and our registration system is now open!

You can use this link to register: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/284062. You must register and sign all waivers in order to participate in practice!

A Few Important Items of Interest

  • Returning skaters for Tootsies, Div1 and Div2 do NOT need to try-out again for the league. Receiving this email means we’re holding a spot for you.
  • This year, we are providing an option for monthly payments. You can still pay for the full year upfront but please know that COVID may continue to delay community centers’ reopening. Until they reopen or we find another indoor or covered space, we will be outdoors, which may mean canceled practices due to weather or other things beyond our control. Please know it is normal within a season to have practice cancellations but we do try our best not to cancel.  
  • BUT, because we have SO many new skaters joining the league (so much yay for all the roller derby lovin’!), we need everyone to register as soon as possible.
  • Please note: the current version of the SDB Handbook is a draft copy, as we are still revisiting, updating and fine-tuning several policies; we’ll hand out the final version at practices and it will be available on TeamSnap.  
  • We understand that interests change, moves out of state happen, medical issues arise – if you won’t be registering for next season, please email me at secretary@seattlederbybrats.com and let me know. I know that the registration window is narrow and this time of the year is busy. I do my best to try and track down folks who haven’t registered. Thanks!
  • Scroll all the way down for other registration tips and tricks…


Please plan on attending that first practice during the weekend of September 18th (travel teams won’t start practice until mid October, more details for travel teams is forthcoming). After checking in your skater, making sure we have their completed registration on file and stinky gear at hand, we’ll have a Parent Meeting to discuss season logistics, what’s new, where we are on the facility search, and answer any questions you may have! The timing for those meetings is below.

Facility Update

As everyone is likely well aware, the Seattle Community Centers have not fully reopened yet. SDB continues to work closely with Seattle Parks and Recreation on securing practice space when it becomes available for rent. We are also working with other indoor facilities to try and secure practice space sooner than later. We currently are pursuing private schools’ gymnasiums for weekend practices; if your child attends private school or you otherwise have contacts at a private school, SDB would love to hear from you. Email programs@seattlederbybrats.com if you can help.  As soon as we are able to move practices indoors, we will update the league.


Safety remains SDB’s top priority. SDB will continue to follow the SafeSkate Plan, and State and local guidance on COVID-19.  At this time, we are able to hold full-contact practices!  The Bout schedule for the season is tentatively set, and will be updated as guidelines allow. To ensure maximum participation and protection of all of our skaters including those not yet eligible for vaccination, SDB is requiring ALL VOLUNTEERS to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination in order to participate with the league. Likewise, we are asking all families to disclose skater vaccination status, so that we may provide aggregated vaccination coverage (per division,) to our families. Skaters will continue to be required to be masked for practices, complete health screening attestations and stay home if having a known COVID exposure or exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Full information on safety can be found in SDB’s SafeSkate Plan as well as in our Safety protocol. 

2021-2022 Practice Schedule

This season will definitely be a bit wild and wacky as we start outdoors and hopefully move indoors as soon as space becomes available. But hey, derby is nothing if not scrappy! And the great thing is there WILL be skating! And ultimately, as long as there is skating, our skaters are happy!

Though the schedule below is NOT set in stone for the season and we are still exploring location options this will be the schedule we kick off the season with. Though seriously, if an awesome new venue or time opens up, we’re gonna nab it, so just be prepared – I did mention that derby is super scrappy, right?!).

Practice locations will not be posted on this public forum. For information on location, refer to your TeamSnap account.


This schedule will change when we move indoors! If you are a returning player and need to register for a different day, you can request a team change. 

  • Lemon Drops & Acid Pops: Every Sunday, 1:00-2:30 pm 
  • Orange Crush & Turquoise Terrors: Every Saturday, 1:30-3:00 pm
  • Annual Dues are $495 plus applicable processing fees


This schedule will change when we move indoors! 

  • New Div 1 Teams: Mint / Goldenrod – Every Sunday, 11:15-12:45 pm 
  • Evil Angels & Poison Skid’les – Every Sunday, 2:45-4:15 pm 
  • In addition to Sundays, one weeknight practice will be added (more details coming soon)
  • Annual Dues are $540 plus applicable processing fees


This schedule will change when we move indoors! 

  • Division 2 Practices are every Saturday, 11:15-1:15 pm, for the entire Division
  • In addition to Sundays, weeknight practices will be added (more details coming soon)
  • Annual Dues are $585 plus applicable processing fees

TRAVEL TEAMS (Galaxy Girls & Ultra Violets)

This schedule will change when we move indoors! 

  • Tryouts will be held October 16th and 17th. ALL SKATERS (including former GG/UV skaters) must try out. If your skater plans to try out for the travel teams, please register them for the Division they were most recently in. If they make the travel team, they will be moved to the correct division in TeamSnap after tryouts.
  • Practices will begin October 23rd
  • Currently, travel teams are scheduled to practice EVERY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY from 9-11 am.
  • Travel teams are the returning Galaxy Girls and Ultra Violets players.

Registration Process

Here are some things to be aware of regarding the registration process:

  • Please use THIS link to start the registration process: https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/284062
  • A parent’s name must be used to create the account that is used for registration. This is because we ask you to sign waivers using the name on the account.
  • Please review all information for each player
  • “Import player from TeamSnap” is available for anyone who previously registered for New Skater Camp or a previous season.
  • Select the appropriate registration fee for your division, regardless of whether you are planning to apply for financial aid.
  • FAMILIES WITH SIBLINGS IN THE LEAGUE: Discounts for multiple skaters in a family are applied at the point of payment. In order to receive this discount, you MUST select the “I have a sibling in the league” button on the registration form.
  • FINANCIAL AID: If you are requesting financial aid, please check the “Financial aid request will be submitted” button on the registration form; then COMPLETE (don’t stop!) the online registration form by choosing the “Pay Offline” option at checkout. After completing your registration, please email our Treasurer at treasurer@seattlederbybrats.com. Financial aid MUST be applied for by September 24th.
  • PAYMENT PLANS: TeamSnap processes our registration fees and payment plans. Please choose the “Installment Payments” option at checkout if you would like to pay monthly. If payments are a hardship, please apply for financial aid. Otherwise, if you would like to pay the full balance upfront, knowing that we will do everything in our control to hold regular practices during the season but COVID may still impact schedules, please proceed without selecting either option above.