Seattle Derby Brats is excited to announce that registration for the 2022 New Skater Camp is now open!


  • WHEN:
    • CAMPS: Camps will occur Sundays on the following weekends in the summer of 2022:
      • July 10

      • July 17

      • July 24

      • July 31

      • August 7

      • August 14

    • TRY-OUTS: August 21
  • WHERE: Camp will be held at Northgate Community Center and our facility near N.130th Street and Aurora in North Seattle. Location will be confirmed before each camp date.
  • COST*: $300 – this fee covers all six camps and tryouts on 8/21. Scholarships may be available! See registration form for more information.
  • RECOMMENDED PREPARATION: There is no minimum skill requirement but to be best prepared for camp, we recommend that skaters be able to skate forward without assistance for at least one lap of a standard skating rink before the first day of camp.
  • WHO CAN ATTEND: The Seattle Derby Brats New Skater Camp and League is open to all girls and gender expansive individuals.
  • PROOF OF VACCINATION REQUIRED: All ages of skaters and volunteers must be fully vaccinated (two shots plus two weeks) AND be boosted (if eligible) to participate in Camp.

Two camps to choose from:

  • TOOTSY ROLLERS – 9am-12pm; 7-10 years old (must be 7 by September 1, 2022)
  • JUNIOR MINTS – 1pm-4pm; 11-17 years old (must be 11 by September 1, 2022; must not turn 18 until September 1, 2022 or after)

Read on for information about gear, tryouts, and regular season play!

Questions? Email newskatercamp(a)

If you skate, falls are going to happen. Seattle Derby Brats teaches skaters how to fall safely and get back up.


Campers will be required to wear full safety gear whenever they are on skates at camp. More information on gear and fit here:

Gear required at every camp:

  • Quad skates – 4 wheels; no inline skates
  • Properly fitted helmet – roller derby, multi-sport, hockey, or skateboarding helmets provide the most protection for your skater
  • Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards sized for your skater’s body
  • Mouth guard – SDB skaters prefer SISU remoldable mouth guards
  • Reusable water bottle, full at the start of each camp
  • Snacks, in case skater gets hungry – SDB is unable to provide snacks during camp
  • One dark gray shirt and one white shirt
  • Copy of the New Skater Camp handbook (distributed on the first day)

Where to get gear:

  • Buy local! Get Your Bearings Skate Shop has everything your camper will need AND they will help make sure your gear fits properly. They often have reduced-cost used skates on consignment.
  • Buy online! There are several good online roller derby retailers.
  • Sign up for roller derby gear swaps or second-hand gear groups on Facebook.
  • SDB may have loaner gear, available on a first-come basis.


New Skater Camp is a fun way to learn basic skating skills and safety – anyone can sign up simply for the joy of skating. New Skater Camp skaters are not required to try out for Seattle Derby Brats but those skaters who want to try out to join the league should read on!

WHEN: August 21, 2022

WHERE: Our North Seattle Facility


  • Skaters aged 7-17 who are new to the sport of roller derby
    • ELIGIBILITY: MUST attend New Skater Camp AND complete a minimum of three camps in order to be eligible to try out (see below for more information)
  • Skaters aged 7-17 who have played roller derby for other leagues but are new to Seattle Derby Brats

New Skater Camp Attendance Policy: While attendance at any three of the six camps will suffice, we strongly encourage all skaters (especially those who are new to roller skating) to attend the first camp on July 10 as we begin learning the basics of skating and safety right away. Skaters who are able to attend all six camps will build an incredibly strong foundation of skills and gain the most benefit from the experience, regardless of whether they continue on to trying out.

More information on skills and try-outs will be shared during camp and on this webpage – check back!.

Please Understand:

  • If your skater misses more than three days of camp, they WILL NOT be eligible to try out unless you’ve made other arrangements with the coach.
  • Attending summer camp and participating in try-outs DOES NOT guarantee placement in the league. As much as we would like to take everyone, we are limited by what our facilities and staff (all volunteers!) can handle.
All Aboard the Skate Train


If your skater makes the league, they will be assigned to one of the following divisions with the following practice schedules:

  • Tootsy Rollers, ages 7-10 years old. The youngest skaters in the league play the sport in a positional-only (not full-contact) version and learn the basics of roller derby skills. Tootsy skaters practice once a week.
  • Division 1, ages 11-18 years old. Div1 skaters play positional-only (not full-contact) and build on basic skills to learn the foundations of roller derby strategy. Div1 practices up to twice a week.
  • Division 2, ages 11-18 years old. Div2 are higher skilled and more experienced skaters, playing at a full-contact level. Div2 practices up to twice a week.
  • Galaxy Travel Team: This is SDB’s full-contact, highest skill, elite travel team – these skaters compete regionally and nationally in JRDA-sanctioned bouts. Galaxy practices twice a week.
    • All skaters interested in becoming part of SDB’s elite travel team are required to try out every year, even those previously rostered on the travel team. This try-out happens separately from the New Skater Camp try-outs, typically in September.  More info on 2022-23 Season Travel Team try-outs will be announced later in Summer 2022.

Practice times and location information for all teams and divisions will be announced in late Summer 2022, after NSC try-outs.



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