If you skate, falls are going to happen. Seattle Derby Brats teaches skaters how to fall safely and get back up.
Seattle Derby Brats Toxic AvengHers skater breaking through the Mighty Rollers wall
This is Coach Old Lady McGrady.

New Skater Camp 2021 – Registration is now closed

Become a part of the future of derby – participants become eligible for 2021-2022 Season Try-outs.

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All Aboard the Skate Train

League Try-outs and Regular Season:

New Skater Camp participants must turn 8 by August 31st in order to participant in the camp.


For those new to the sport of roller derby, completion of New Skater Camp is required to tryout for Seattle Derby Brats, but trying out for the league is by no means necessary for attending New Skater Camp. Our goal at New Skater Camp is to help new skaters learn basic skating skills and have fun in the process.
If your daughter wants to pursue roller derby, we will be holding tryouts after New Skater Camp is completed. Please be aware that if you miss more than one day of camp, you won’t be able to try out (we require that you attend at least 3 of the 4 sessions), unless you’ve made other arrangements with the coach. More information about try-outs will be available during camp.
  • Please understand that attending summer camp DOES NOT guarantee placement on the league. Though we try to accept as many new skaters as our facilities and staff can handle, try-outs are competitive.
If your skater makes the league, they will be assigned to one of the following divisions with the following practice schedules:
  • Tootsy Rollers, ages 8-11 years old. The youngest skaters in the league play the sport in a positional-only (not full-contact) version. Tootsys practice once a week.
  • Division 1, ages 12-18 years old. Div1 skaters play positional-only (not full-contact) and learn the foundations of roller derby strategy. Div1 practices as a division once a week and as teams on alternating weeks. At the start of the season all skaters attend all practices.
  • Division 2, ages 12-18 years old. Div2 are higher skilled and more experienced skaters, playing at a full-contact level. Div2  practices twice a week.
  • Travel Team Try-outs: For skaters interested in becoming part of SDB’s elite travel teams, a separate try-out will happen and is required for ALL skaters (those currently in SDB and those new to the league).  More info on 2021-22 Season Travel Teams Try-outs is forthcoming.

Please visit the equipment page to learn more about gear required in the sport of roller derby.


Please contact newskatercamp@seattlederbybrats.com if you have questions, or encounter any problems. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more derby-related news!

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