Ultra Violets: Full Contact Travel Team :: Season 2019-2020

We are incredibly fortunate to have two full contact travel teams at SDB: Ultra Violets and Galaxy Girls, both ranked in the all female division in the Junior Roller Derby Association (JRDA).

The Ultra Violets are the Seattle Derby Brats’ B-travel team and are limited to an average of 18-22 players who are selected via tryouts every season. They compete at an advanced level and bout against other junior league’s travel teams locally, nationally, and with our friends in Canada.

The focus of the Ultra Violets is teaching high level derby skills and strategies, with an emphasis on personal accountability for effort, both on and off the track. At this level, skaters are often in a specialized role (meaning they skate and train in one role for the season – blocker, jammer, pivot). Rosters are competitive, and playtime IS earned. 


Ultra Violets 2020 Team Photo featuring the junior roller derby team in their purple jerseys, safety gear, and helmets that showcase their personality.

Not Pictured: Bone-ita Apple Boom

Not Pictured: Loony Lux

Not Pictured: Slay Misérables

Not Pictured: Sophierce

Not Pictured: Supernova

Head Coaches

Not Pictured: Neighbor of the Beast

Not Pictured: Moe YaDown

Skater Coaches