Brat Patrol: Skating Officials

and Non-Skating Officials

Our Skating Officials (SOs) work together with our Non-Skating Officials (NSOs) to make sure scrimmages and games are played safely and fairly, and that skaters, coaches and spectators all adhere to the JRDA Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby and Code of Conduct.

Back Row: Mr. Fawlty, Fluffy, Millennium Foulcon, Nils Nada Nothing, Paul Bearer, Andrew 569

Middle Row: Eye Scream, Agent Orange, The Unraveler, Arson Crafts, Space Racer, Madelyne Str’angle, McCALLister, DeREFerenced Pointer, Allyn UR Grill

Front Row: Marley Quinn, Judge Dreidel, Full Frontal Nerdity, JayCee

Skating Officials (SOs)

Head Referee: The Head Ref is responsible for the general supervision of the bout and has final authority on all rulings. The Head Ref is responsible for watching skaters in the pack, pack definition and calling penalties. The Head Ref is also responsible for issuing expulsions and for announcing the results of official reviews.

Jam Referees: Skating on the inside of the track, Jam Refs watch the jammers of a specific team and wear a wristband in that team’s color to identify which team they are watching. They award points for opponents passed by their jammer, and signal whether theirs is the lead jammer. Jam Refs are also responsible for calling penalties.

Pack Referees: Pack Referees are responsible for watching the skaters in the pack, pack definition and calling penalties. They are located both inside (Inside Pack Ref, aka IPR) and outside the track (Outside Pack Refs, aka OPRs). 

If you are interested in becoming an SO, please email our League Head Ref and Officials Lead, Millennium Foulcon, at

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs)

Jam Timer: They start jams, signals when a jam runs to the full two minutes, and times the 30 seconds between jams. The Jam Timer also keeps track of the official game time.

Lineup Trackers: One per team, Lineup Trackers record every player on the track in each jam.

Penalty Box Manager: They are the head of the affairs within the penalty box. The Penalty Box Manager can call penalties for penalty box violations or illegal procedures.

Penalty Box Timers: One per team, Penalty Box Timers ensure skaters sent to the penalty box serve their entire penalties, and notify referees if any do not. Penalty Box Timers points also direct a penalized skater to where they are assigned to sit, and executes any necessary jammer swaps.

Penalty Trackers: One per team, Penalty Trackers record each skater’s penalties and notify the notify the Head Ref of skaters in the current jam who are in danger of fouling out.

Scoreboard Operator: Following cues from the Scorekeepers, the Scoreboard Operator updates each team’s score on the scoreboard.

Scorekeepers: One per team, Scorekeepers record points scored by the jammers, as signaled to them by Jam Refs, and cue the Scoreboard Operator to update the scoreboard.

If you are interested in becoming an NSO, please email our League Head NSO at