Volunteer Spotlight – Jamie Lynn Kimbrough

Oct 20, 2021 | Volunteers

Seattle Derby Brats is an 100% volunteer run organization – it simply couldn’t exist without the energy, commitment and passion of our amazing community! Twice a month, Volunteer Spotlight will be featuring and celebrating some of these amazing, hard-working volunteers. Today we are featuring Jamie Lynn Kimbrough! 

-How long have you been with SDB?

My Toxic Avengers, Pain in the Arsenic (formerly Twilight Terror) and Goldie Knox, have been skating with SDB since 2015. Wow, these six years have flown by!


-What do you do outside of Derby? (day job, hobbies, etc)

What do I do outside of Derby?…Juggle! I’m sure most families can relate! For the past seven years, I’ve been working on a historical renovation of our craftsman home and it is incredibly exciting to see it coming together. I’ve also been studying about, and volunteering in, the foster care system and community, particularly through Amara, another amazing organization. Outside of that, a fellow SDB parent got me hooked on Cricut projects. It has made for some super fun MVP awards and personalized swag.


-What volunteer work have you done for SDB?

I love that this organization is run on the heart and dedication of all SDB families and their volunteer efforts. I was initially intimidated by the various volunteering roles and worried that with four kiddos (the youngest being born our first year with SDB) that I wouldn’t be able to help out much. However, I have found a lot of individual opportunities that I could fit into our schedules like supplying food for refs during bouts, taking chaperoning shifts at the annual overnight skate, getting SDB information included in our school newsletters, crossing guard duty, etc. Hands down, my FAVORITE volunteering opportunity is being a team parent.


-What do you love about volunteering for SDB?

The element I love most about volunteering for SDB is getting to meet the vibrant members of this community! Especially in the role of team parent, I get to help with skater check-in which has allowed me to chat with all these young skaters and watch as they grow into such amazing folx. Witnessing the acceptance and celebration of individuality brings me such hope for the future. I was surprised by this email because, for as much as our entire family loves derby, and the SDB community specifically, I feel like I never do enough and wish I could do so much more for this amazing organization!


-Any other thoughts/comments?

This past year, our family has suffered a deep loss and is facing some scary medical situations, and this community immediately wrapped us in so much love and support. Our entire household just feels so deeply blessed to have SDB in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Thank YOU Jamie and family! We are so lucky to have you as part of our community!